Insulation Monitoring Devices

HIS 71 Insulation Monitoring Devices

Approx Price: Rs 72,000 / Unit 
Product Details:
  • IP Rating: IP 20
  • Model: HIS 71
  • Power Supply: 230V AC, +10%, -15%

HIS device constantly monitors the resistance of insulated IT network against PE conductor eventually against the frame. If the insulation resistance drops below the set RCRIT value the relay switches at HIS output and this status is also optically signalized by changing the status indicator to red colour. Under the normal conditions, which means the resistance of insulated network against protective PE conductor is higher than Rcrit value, the status indicator on the front panel signalizes READY status by green colour.

The RCRIT value is set by the potentiometer‘s turn knob, which is placed on the front panel. The Insulation Level Drop Detector is mounted into a plastic box of two modules and it is intended for mounting on DIN rail 35mm.

HIG95 Insulation Monitoring Devices

Approx Price: Rs 2 Lakh / Unit 
Product Details:
  • Current load sensor: Measuring transformer of the current TAR 25/5 up to 100/5.
  • Heat load sensor: Temperature sensor PT100 or PTC thermistor or thermal switching contact
  • Display Menu: Yes
  • Signalling relay: 1 X 1P
  • Brand: Hakel
  • Model: HIG95

The ground fault equipment series ISOLGUARD HIG9x are intended for ground fault monitoring of both single-phase and threephase insulated IT protective systems, which are designed and operated in accordance with following standards: IEC 60364-7-710, SN EN 50 522, SN EN 61 936, SN 33 3210, SN EN 61557-8, SN 332140:87+A:90 article 6.

These devices provides for monitoring of both three-phase and single-phase IT- protective systems, namely up to maximum operational voltage 275 VAC (eventually 3x275 VAC). If the ground fault monitoring for the three-phase or single-phase IT-protective system with higher operational voltage is required, an artificial neutral is to be created, namely using the chokes TL400 (catalogue No. 70504), TL600 (catalogue No. 70601), TL1600 (catalogue No. 71601), or TL6003 (catalogue No. 70603). The centre created in this way will be then connected to the terminal of the HIG9x ground fault equipment.

The ground fault monitors are provided with display unit, which displays the numerical values of the measured insulation resistance. There are also control push-buttons for setting the monitoring parameters as well as the signalling LEDs for status indication of both the monitored protective system and the ground fault unit. According to the type, the ground fault unit may be completed with the modules (produced by HAKEL) for remote signalling about the status of the monitored protective system. One or two built-in signalling relays with change-over contact allow the connection of an alarm signalling device. It is possible to perform both local and remote functionality test of the ground fault monitor.

The ground fault monitor HIG9x can communicate with the supervisory computer via the industrial bus RS485, using the communication protocol based on the PROFIBUS protocol.
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